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Cabinet Appointment PD

I, Michael Pope, Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán, with all my powers and stuff, do issue this PD: Whereas the organisation of a new Government takes time, and

Whereas the essential business of the Kingdom of Talossa must go on, and

Whereas I have been advised by my Attorney-General Designate that cabinet members must be appointed by PD, and

Whereas I will have in place by early next week the entire new cabinet,

Therefore, with the exceptions listed below, I hereby provisionally re-appoint the entire outgoing Cabinet of the Gruber Government to a temporary term of office which shall last no later than the close of business June 4, 1999, unless superseded before that time by a new PD, and,

In place of their outgoing counterparts, the following individuals will be appointed to the following positions, with the same conditions as listed above,

Prime Minister Michael Pope
Deputy Prime Minister John Eiffler
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nathan Freeburg
Minister of Defence John A. Jahn
Minister of Immigration Gjermund Higraff
Deputy Minister of Immigration R. Ben Madison
Attorney-General Matt Dabrowski
Min of Micronational Affairs Greg Aldous
Minister of Stuff R. Ben Madison
Minister of Culture Tomás Gariçéir
Minister Without Portfolio Chris Gruber
Secretary of State Johan Anglemark
Deputy Secretary of State R. Ben Madison

God Save The King

Michael Pope Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán