Law:The Amendment to the Organic Law (Seneschal Election Tweaks) Bill

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This amendment
is PENDING ratification.

It amends the following:
Organic Law Article VI, Section 5

Ziu 55th Clark 6th March 2021
Sponsored by: Miestrâ Schivâ

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED in the Cosâ
PER 160 — CON 20 — AUS 0

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED in the Senäts
PER 5 — CON 2 — AUS 0

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55RZ22 The Amendment to the Organic Law (Seneschal Election Tweaks) Bill
Published in Clark #6 Primary Sources: see [1]

WHEREAS the first election of a Seneschál by the Cosa went ahead successfully and the principle should be preserved;

AND WHEREAS if we are to make some tweaks, those tweaks should be in the direction of increased flexibility;

AND WHEREAS a wider range of possible nominees for Seneschál is more democratic;

AND WHEREAS the incoming Seneschál will still be able to call for a month of recess after the Clark on which she is elected under OrgLaw IV.9, if necessary, but there is no reason for this to be compulsory;

BE IT ENACTED by the Ziu that the Organic Law of Talossa shall be amended as follows:

1. The second paragraph of Organic Law VI.5 shall be amended by striking out the words "only the recognized and commonly known leader of" and substituting the words "nominated by", so it will now read as follows:

The method of election of a Seneschál shall be Ranked Choice Voting. Each member of the Cosâ shall have as many votes in the election as the seats which he hold in the Cosâ, but shall cast his votes as one bloc and have no divided conscience. The candidates for each such election shall be nominated by each political party which shall have earned representation in the Cosâ at the most recent general election.

2. Organic Law VI.6 shall be amended to read in its entirety:

The Seneschál shall announce publicly both the members of the incoming Government and the Government's legislative agenda at least before, if not sooner than, the last day on which a member of the Ziu may submit a measure to the second Clark. Failing this, the King shall dissolve the Cosa and call new elections.