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41RZ6 — The Citizens and Cestours Public Holiday Act

WHEREAS Talossans like to celebrate things, and

WHEREAS Talossans like to commemorate things, and

WHEREAS these facts are apparent from the 21 different items currently categorised informally as "national holidays", and

WHEREAS holidays are really cool things, and

WHEREAS Talossans are not predisposed to stop proclaiming different days on which things are to be celebrated, and

WHEREAS the list of recognised celebrations makes it look like the people of this nation have a lot more days off work than they really do, and

WHEREAS the government of the Kingdom should establish and fix a list of the holidays that it shall officially recognise and on which no non-critical government business is performed, and

WHEREAS the Cestours residing in the Kingdom have existing customs concerning their work habits which should — as another act of this Kingdom's great, magnificent, and beneficent kindness toward them — be recognised and the true Talossanity of these traditions acknowledged, even if the Cestours, in their ignorance, do not do so, and

WHEREAS that's plenty of WHEREAS's, now

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Ziu of the Kingdom of Talossa, that the list of public holidays recognised and observed by the government is as follows:

1 January New Year's Day commemorating the first day of the calendar year, and World Day of Peace.
Third Monday
in January
Landmark Day commemorating all Talossan landmarks, such as [Grecian Delight]] (which has its day of observance on 19 January)
Third Monday
in February
Culture Day commemorating the rich culture of the Kingdom, in line with Napoleon's Memorial Wargaming Day (which has its day of observance on 21 February), and being a traditional kick-off day for celebration of Berber Heritage Month
Final Monday
in May
Cestour Day celebrating Cestour heritage and the rich history of the protoTalossan realm, in line with Juneau Day (which has its day of observance on 28 May); celebrating the bridge-building to our Cestour residents that has been the hallmark of our nation
4 July Foundation Day celebrating King Robert I's Birthday (2 July) and Organic Law Day (6 July)
First Monday
in September
Monarchy Day
commemorating the resumption of the Talossan monarchy with the coronation of Florence on 24 August
11 November Armistice Day commemorating the proclamation of peace following the Great War, and the invincible moral support that the Kingdom of Talossa contributes to all foreign conflicts, and that it would have contributed to that one in particular had the Kingdom been founded by then
Fourth Thursday
in November
Victory Day
celebrating the triumphant victory of our nation in every single war it has ever fought (specifically, the Cone Wars)
25 December Dependence Day commemorating the final day of dependence of this nation on another, and also celebrating Christmas Day
26 December Independence Day celebrating our nation's first day of independence

FURTHERMORE, the government of the Kingdom shall recognise and observe as public holidays any and all days which may be proclaimed as such by the Crown.

MOREOVER, the government of the Kingdom shall recognise and observe as a public holiday the day of, or the day before the birthday of the current Sovereign.

ADDITIONALLY, any public holiday named above which is not fixed to a specific day of the week shall be observed on a Monday in years in which it falls on a Sunday, and shall be observed on the preceding Friday in years in which it falls on a Saturday.

FINALLY, all pre-existing days heretofore known as national holidays shall not be public holidays, but Days of Observance.

Noi urent q'estadra sa,
Ma Baron la Mha (MC, RUMP)
Litz Cjantscheir (MC, RUMP)

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