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23RZ3 — The Crow Act

WHEREAS the pigeon is the Talossan national bird, but

WHEREAS, pigeons are dirty disgusting vicious creatures who poop on people and are virtually extinct in Talossa on top of it; and

WHEREAS, there appears to be broad, multiparty consensus that Talossa needs a new national bird which can serve with dignity and pride; and

WHEREAS, Talossa is overflowing with crows, who travel in huge herds (schools? Flocks!) making lots of noise and attracting the attention of all Talossans in and around Talossa, and

WHEREAS it is generally accepted that the idea of huge black birds picking dead things off the ground is more impressive than pigeons,

THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby approves the Crow as the national bird of the Kingdom of Talossa.

Noi urent q'estadreu så:
Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)
Márcüs Pitz - (ZPT-Vuode)

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