League of Secessionist States

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The League of Secessionist States, or L.O.S.S., is an organization of micronational states. It was founded by King Ben of Talossa on November 26th, 1980/I, in collaboration with John Eiffler of the "Kingdom of Thord" and John Jahn of the "Imperial Jahn Empire" (both of whom later became Talossan citizens). The coalition was part of Ben's plan for World Singular Secession.

The founding document of L.O.S.S. ran as follows:

We, the World Singular Secessionist states, declare our solidarity and pledge to each other our military and economic aid. We declare our utmost dedication to World Singular Secessionism and a world of 10,000,000,000 nations.

Talossa withdrew from the League, and it has generally fallen into disuse.