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Ma flag.gif
Established: September 21st, 1996/XVII
Cunstaval: Ma la Mha
Premieir: Txec Róibeard Nordselva
Senator: Txoteu Davinescu
Demonym: Maricopan
Ma map.png
Location of Maricopa.

La Provinçù Soveran da Maricopa (pronounced [lɐ provinˈsu sɔvɛˈran ðɐ mɐɾiˈkopɐ]), in short Maricopa (pronounced [mɐɾiˈkopɐ]), is a province of Talossa. What with us bumped up against the gentle flow of the river (see map), here in Maricopa, we boast of having the best climate in the Kingdom. A visit to our fair province will convince you too: the weather is nicer in Maricopa than anywhere else in Talossa. We don't want to make the other provinces feel bad or anything, but one can't argue with Mother Nature, and she has blessed Maricopa. Except when it rains or snows or something, but at least when it doesn't, we get some pretty good weather here. You really should come see.

Territory of Maricopa

The Province of Maricopa was created from the South-west Territories (Las Teritorias del Sudur-Ovest OS: Las Teritôriâs del Sudur-Ovest) by 21RC33 - The Provincial Status for the South-west Territories Act on 21 September, 1996/XVII. The South-West Territories area was annexed to Talossa on 26 January 1983/IV and formed part of the "New Territories," and, after 30 November 1984/V, South Territory. On 27 July 1985 South Territory was broken up and those areas not made into Provinces were reconstituted as the South-west Territories.

The South-west Territories remained unorganised until the Cosa in January 1994 attempted to raise it to provincial status under the name Flúviâ Province (pronounced [ˈfɫuvi̯ɐ], English: River). The name was in honour of an earlier "Flúviâ Territory," mostly located in what is now Fluvia-Montevudio Canton of Atatürk Province. A referendum on its constitution was scheduled for February 1994/XV, but inactivity delayed a final decision. In November 1994/XV the Cosa passed a bill naming Robert Ben Madison Governor of the South-West Territories with power to conduct a referendum on the new constitution, but public apathy prevented the referendum from being conducted and the TSO remained Talossa's only metropolitan non-provincial region until the creation of Maricopa Province in 1996/XVII.

At its formation, Maricopa was the largest Talossan province with six cantons. However, in 2012 it ceded the two southernmost cantons, Paliaçelia (IPA: [pɐɫiɐˈseliɐ], English: Buffonia) and Vilatx Freiric (pronounced [vɪˈɫaʒ ˈfɾei̯ɾɪk], English: Frédéricville), as part of the Reunision. Paliaçelia became part of Fiôvâ, while Vilatx Freiric became part of Maritiimi-Maxhestic.

Geographic Boundaries

Maricopa Province is bordered to the west and north by the Milwaukee River, to the south by Juneau Avenue, to the east by (from south to north) North Prospect Avenue, the southbound lane of Wisconsin State Highway 32, Warren Avenue and the tunnel crossing the river into the US. The original southern border extended to East Mason Street.

Boundary of Cantons

The territory of Maricopa Province consists of four remaining cantons:

  • Taglheiria (pronounced [tɐˈʎeʲɾjɐ], English: Schneideria) - the northernmost Canton of Maricopa, bordered on the south by Brady Street and Holton Street.
  • Zuerieiria (pronounced [zu̯eˌrˈi̯ejɾjɐ], English: Murphysboro) - bordered by Brady Avenue to the north, Juneau Avenue to the south, Van Buren Street to the west, and Astor Street to the east.
  • Sandadia (pronounced [ˌsɐnˈdaðjɐ], English: Prachelion) - bordered to the south by Juneau Avenue, to the east by Van Buren Street, and to the northwest by the River.
  • Ovestia (pronounced [ˌoˈvestjɐ], English: Wesernia) - bordered on the north by Brady Street, to the south by Juneau Avenue, and to the east by Highway 32.

Landmarks and Locations

Government and politics


Former Judges

Present Judges

National Politics

Former Prime Minister

Former Minister


Former Senator

Former Senator Elect

Members of Cosa

  • Munditenens Tresplet -- RUMP, 43rd, 44th, 45th; FREEDEMS 52nd, 53rd Cosa
  • Béneditsch Ardpresteir -- IND, 45th, RUMP, 52nd, 53rd Cosa
  • Eovart Xhorxh -- RUMP, 52nd, 53rd Cosa
  • Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu -- MRPT, 52nd; AMP, 53rd Cosa

Former Members of Cosa

Provincial Governance

Constables | Cunstavals

At the recommendation of the Prime Minister, the King appoints a Cunstaval (Constable) for each province, who serves as Head of State for the province, holding powers akin to the King on the national level, except that the Cunstaval cannot dissolve parliament. The Cunstaval of Maricopa is known as the Governor-General (Tal. Governadeir-Xheneral).

Premiers | Premieirs

Each parliamentary assembly elects a Premier, who serves as Head of Government for the province, and administers the laws of the province. Each province refers to its Premier by a name of its own choice. A new Premieir may be elected by the Cabana at any time, but a resolution continuing the current Premieir in office or selecting a new one must be passed during each Cosa.

Assemblies | Aßemblatxen

Each of Talossa's provinces has its own single-chamber parliament. The name used to identify each provincial parliament is determined by each individual Province. The number of seats in each provincial assembly varies and can be set by provincial law. Seats in the assembly are assigned by leaders of the political parties in proportion to the votes cast for that party. As a result of the most recent election, seats were assigned thus: "Maricopans serve in the Cabana by simple non-partisan request, each holding a single seat"

Current Officers
Office Role Current holder
Executive Branch Cunstavál Representative of the Crown Ma la Mha Count Thord
Premieir Head of Government Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva
Provincial Secretary Provincial Secretary Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva
Cabana Premieir Leader of the Cleivi Dr. Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva
Member Member of the Cleivi Béneditsch Ardpresteir
Member Member of the Cleivi Sir Cresti Siervicül
Member Member of the Cleivi Danihel Txechescu
Member Member of the Cleivi Munditenens Tresplet

Royal Officers from Maricopa

Cnec'hts es Damas / Knights and Dames

Cunstavals / Constables

La Cantzelería / The Chancery

  • Secretary of State: Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva
  • Former Secretary of State: Iustì Canun
  • Former Undersecretary of State: Béneditsch Ardpresteir

L'Avocatür Rexhital Talossan / The Royal Talossan Bar

  • Senior Member: Sir Dr. Cresti Mataiwos Siervicül, SC
  • Member: The Rt. Hon. Béneditsch Ardpresteir
  • Member: Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva, MC (earlier an Ex-Officio Member)

Coletx d'Armeux / The College of Arms

  • The Noir Eagle Herald, Béneditsch Ardpresteir
  • The Rouge Elephant Herald, Txec dal Nordselva
Pursuivant Emeritus
  • The Bartleby Pursuivant Emeritus, Sir Cresti Siervicül, UrN
  • The Kingsbridge Pursuivant, Txec Rólbeard Nordselva (formerly the Fulbright Fellow)
Former Fellows
  • The Odd Fellow, Iustì Canun (removed ?)
  • The Jolly Good Fellow, Béneditsch Ardpresteir (promoted)

Maricopan Order(s)

The Order of the Sovereign Province of Maricopa/ Urderi dal Provinçù Soveran da Maricopa

The Cunstaval of Maricopa shall sit ex officio as President of the Order of the Sovereign Province of Maricopa and the Premieir shall sit ex officio as Chancellor of the Order.

President of the Order:

Chancellor of the Order:

  • Txec Róibeard dal Nordselva

Members of the Order:

  • Sir Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP, O.SPM (U.PSM) (permanently revoked)
  • Sir Dr. Cresti Mataiwos Siervicül, UrN, O.SPM (U.PSM)
  • Béneditsch Ardpresteir, O.SPM, (U.PSM)
  • Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă, O.SPM (U.PSM)
  • Munditenens Tresplet, O.SPM (U.PSM)
  • Txoteu Davinescù, O.SPM (U.PSM)


Provincial Anthem


ManilowMania is a music festival held annually in March or May. It celebrates the music of Barry Manilow and his influence on Maricopan culture.

Sports & Games

Maricopa Brewers

Maricopa is the home of Talossa's own boys of summer, the Maricopa Brewers.

Talossan Football League

See also: Talossan Football.

Quite a number of local teams are participating in the 2012 Talossan Football League.

Maricopan Teams: Maricopa Mareischais, Pocket Aces, Schneiderian Steels

Non Maricopan teams are : Lydian Valkyries, My Little Ponies, Fiôvâ United, Benito Beerswillers, Fighting Whippets, Solar Cold Rangers, Voodoo Knights, Canards da Cezembre, Mousers, Forcu Värschéu, Hooligan s'Ereux

The Toxophilite Club Tournament

Starting from June 2012, each month, the The Toxophilite Clubhouse based in Fiova has been holding a competition, either following the Li'l Johns or Bow Master format. BenArd of the province of Maricopa is a regular participant of the Bow Master format and had won the monthly round in August 2012.

The Maricopan Poker Tournament

See main article at Maricopan Poker Tournament.

The Maricopan Poker Tournament is a no-holds-barred, no-limit Texas Hold'Em tournament held online each summer. Originally designed to increase provincial activity in the Maricopa sub-forum on Wittenberg, the Tournament has since become the kick-off for the Colossal Provincial Poker Playing Organisation's year-long poker season. The winner receives a "gold trophy" (actually a miniature C-3PO) as well as a certificate entitling the bearer to throw a pecan pie in the face of Maricopa's Cunstaval, Baron Hooligan. Since the tournament's inception, Maricopa has seen an unexpected rise in provincial activity.

The first annual Maricopan Poker Tournament saw three players vying for the "gold" trophy, with Benitian Vitxalmour Conductour beating native Maricopan and founder of the Tournament, Dien Tresplet, with a flush on the river.