Ministry of Finance

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Ministry of Finance
Current Head: M.T. Patritz da Biondeu
Deputy: Üc R. Tärfâ
Function: Manages investment and expense from the Royal Treasury

The Ministry of Finance (La Ministrà dal Finançù, pronounced [ɫɐ minisˈtɾaː ðɐw fɪnɐnˈsu]) is responsible for setting and implementing the economic policies of the Kingdom, requesting and receiving disbursals from the Royal Treasury, and directing the course of investment to be followed by the treasury for the balance of the royal funds. Unless he or the Seneschal appoints a Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post (Banqeu es Post Rexhital), the Ministry of Finance serves in this post. The Bank & Post is the solitary bureau under the purview of this ministry, and is responsible for the design, minting, printing, valuation, distribution, and redemption of all national currency, postage, and commemoratives. The Minister of Finance is sometimes known by the abbreviation "MinFin."

Financial reports

In obedience to statutory law, the Ministry of Finance regularly releases reports on the finances of the Kingdom, for the inspection of all citizens.