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Are you a Talossan citizen? Are you interested in contributing here? Then please create an account, and you can help add information about the country you love!

So far, TalossaWiki has 1,207 articles created by 4 active users. Do you want to join them and help out?

We need all sorts of contributions, and even if you don't know anything about the formatting of a wiki like this one, you can still go in and add text and descriptions about your favorite part of Talossa. Once you're registered and approved by an administrator, then just click the "Edit" tab at the top of any page, and it will open so that you can edit the text. When you're done, click "Submit," and your changes will be visible to everyone!

If you are an experienced wiki-editor, then you can do even more things to help out. While we have a few working templates and navigation pages, there's still a lot of work to be done. The clumsy and simple templates that are currently implemented can also be greatly improved, if you have the knowledge. You can make a big difference with just a few hours of your time!

There are different pages for the offices of the government or the royal household, and many are still stubs without much content; some look particularly silly because the dearth of content means that their templates overlap! Filling these in would be extremely useful. To do so, there are numerous helpful templates:

  • Many pages fall within a broad subject; check if any of the extant navigation templates are appropriate. Remember that not every page is important enough to go on the navbox itself.
  • To cite the Organic Law, you can use {{org}} like so: {{org|3|1}} links to Article 3, Section 1 (Org.3.1).
  • Some Talossan words with diacritical marks can be written by a standard Anglophone keyboard using templates such as {{pengo}} or {{fio}}, which supply the diacriticized Talossan words for you as Péngöpäts or Fiôvâ. A template also exists for Talossan money; to list an amount such as 5 louis or 6 louis 3 bence, you can type 5{{l}} or 6{{b}}3 to produce 5ℓ or 6¤3. A full list of these substitution templates can be found at Category:Name templates.
  • To append the Talossan year to the Gregorian year, use the year template. For example, {{year|2004}} produces "2004/XXV."

Skeleton pages such as this, the front page, and others are all free for editing, so don't hesitate to do so. Go ahead and be bold in your editing: all past revisions of a page are saved, so you can't do any permanent damage. It might be helpful to look at our manual of style. If you disagree with phrasing or with the representation of a particular event or person, please improve it! Please try to be aware of the following, though:

  • Many of the prominent past and present citizens of Talossa are with us, so please be careful what you say.
  • If you and another citizen disagree, please try to resolve the issue amicably. Try to be fair in your descriptions.
  • In cases of serious disagreement, the Minister of Stuff and his appointed officials have ultimate authority to decide the content of TalossaWiki.

Citizens who are skilled at graphic design can also contribute, by creating icons for the portals and by creating enhanced versions of the imported coats of arms and flags. If you are interested in helping with this project, please see this page.

Remember: TalossaWiki is for Talossans and by Talossans!