Talossan Secular Alliance

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TSA (Talossan Secular Alliance)
Founder: Alèxandreu Soleighlfred

Leader: Alèxandreu Soleighlfred

Beliefs: Secularism

Talossan Secular Alliance (TSA) is a Talossan organization of atheists. secularists and those symphatizing. The founder of TSA is Alèxandreu Soleighlfred.

TSA has 4 members as of now.


Talossan Secular Alliance was brought into existence after reformation of the previous organization of a more radical stance, called TAA (Talossan Atheist Alliance). This was made so that the organizaton could incorporate less radical elements and members, and also because of a shift in it's founders lifeviews.


  1. TSA welcomes: strong atheists, weak atheists, antitheists, humanists, secularists, agnostics, anticlericalists, religious people who support separation of religion and state, and everyone symphatizing.
  2. TSA's goal is to prevent merging between religion and state, and to support the freedom of belief and non-belief.