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Established: {{{date}}}


This template is for province pages. To use it, copy and paste the following code to the page, substituting in the necessary variables where indicated. Aside from the name, flag, and date, all variables are optional (not including them means they do not appear on the box).

|name=Your province's name
|flagimage=The title of an uploaded image of your province's flag here (Pe flag.gif for Pengopats)
|mapimage=The title of an uploaded image of your province location in Talossa here (Fi map.png for Fiova)
|date=The date your province was officially established here (mm/dd/yyyy/yy)
|cun=Name of the province's Cunstaval
|prem=The title for the province's head of government/premier.
|premn=The name of the current premier
|sen=Name of the province's Senator
|dem=The accepted demonym for your province here (Maricopan, Fiovan, etc.)
|motto=Your provincial motto here ("Ad astra per aspera.")