The Compact

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The Compact was an agreement authored and put forward by Michael Pope in May, 2004, and signed by the founding members of the Republic of Talossa.

At the time Pope put forward the Compact, the group which eventually seceded were trying to come to decisions regarding what a post-secession Republic would look like. Questions about fundamental issues, including the form of government and even the name of the new nationette, were bogging the group down in procedural issues and preventing them from taking concrete action. The Compact was intended to spur action by forging a general agreement to move ahead.

The Compact included an agreement that all signors would secede and form a new nationette together, and that they would all agree to abide by majority rule regarding the composition and makeup of the new form of government. Included in the Compact was a statement that all signatories knew that, in signing, they were committing High Treason against King Robert I.

The Compact was well-received and signed by all of the original founding members of the Republic. After signing, a timetable for action was formed, leading to the secession on 1 June 2004.