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Thord Parish (Tal. Pleiv Þord), also called County Thord (Tal. Cuntat Þord) is a parish in Florencia Province, comprising eight kibbutzes. The Parish is bordered to the north by Benito Province, to the southeast by Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province, to the south by East Windsor Place, and to the west by North Cambridge Avenue.

The Parish is also coextensive with the County Thord, demesne of Ma la Mha, First Count Thord. The barony of Hooligan is the northeasternmost kibbutz in the county; Count Thord is also baron of this barony, the site of the 1990 inauguration of Prime Minister Harrison Wozniak.

The Parish was named for the Kingdom of Thord, which, according to From Abbavilla to Zooks: A Lexicon of Talossan English, "was a World Singular Secessionist state that flourished under the leadership of John Eiffler from 1980 to 1984. It no longer exists, but the word "Thord" or "Thordian" is still associated with Eiffler (and for that reason, a parish in Eiffler's province of Florenciâ was named "Thord" by Gov. Charles Sauls in 1997)."