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Hi. I am Alexander. I have been a bunch of stuff in Talossa, like Senator and Seneschal and whatnot. I have some minor wiki experience, so I'd like to get this place looking good. It might be a valuable resource someday.


To do:

  • Server access stuff:
    • Magic Words extension
    • Rename User extension
    • Abuse Filter extension (maybe?)
    • CheckUser extension (rights only for admin)
    • WikiEditor extension
    • Logo
  • Templates:
    • Welcome
    • Hatnote (maybe just do some standard templates instead?)
    • Messagebox
    • Userboxen (with some samples, i.e. Former Republican, Former Penguinean, Armigerous, Provincials, etc.)
  • User rights management/usergroups
    • Autoconfirmed: No rights.
    • Citizens: Edit.
    • Travaleirs: Upload.
      • Verification procedure - Witt message?
  • Front page
  • Categories and portals.
    • Provincial Portal
    • History Portal
    • Language Portal
  • Libel concerns: what is okay to write about other citizens? Does there need to be an approval process?
  • Editing guidelines/manual of style stuff
  • Navigation changes:
    • Main page
    • Random page
    • Help
    • Any others?
  • Pages