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A census is a survey of a large group of citizens. Occasionally in Talossan history, laws have been passed to require a census be taken of Talossans. The first such act was The Domesday Act, which required the Chancery to discover "information about the demographics of our country including age, sex, how they found out about Talossa originally, their level of involvement and amount of activity in Talossa," and which requested this be done immediately. The idea of a census was contentious, and The Domesday Act only passed on its second try. Concerns about the usefulness of a census, and worries about privacy, dominated the discussion.

The census itself was conducted in 2009/XXX[1], after prolonged discussion of the contents.[2] This National Census 2009 surveyed forty citizens of the nation, and revealed a surprisingly diverse group of individuals.

Later discussions have been held about further censuses, but 42RZ9, The Census Act, failed, and The Census Enabling and 3X Disabling Act of 2012 was never brought to a vote.

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