Constitution of Vuode

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The Constitution of Vuode is the highest provincial law of the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg. Its seven articles define the points of state, the role of the Cunstaval, the composition and functions of the Estats Xhenerais (provincial government) and other vital topics.


On February 21 2012, Éovart Grischun made calls for Vuode to abandon the provincial constitution on the basis that it was failing the province and to begin work on authoring a new one. Vuodean citizens Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir, Viteu Marcianüs and Éovart Grischun then formed a Constitutional Convention and went on to spend the remainder of 2012 working on a new constitution. The current constitution of Vuode was primarily authored by Grischun, but, with input and guidance from the other two members of the convention. It was ratified by the Vuodean citizenry via referendum, held between 15 March and 15 April 2013.

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