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The I'm Getting Outa Here! Act

WHEREAS, Florencia is currently sparsely populated, some might say underpopulated,

WHEREAS, this situation is not going to change soon,

WHEREAS, I therefore promised a long time ago to move from Cézembre to Florencia,

WHEREAS, after meeting them personally, I have no doubt that the current Cézembrians are capable of keeping Cézembre running,

WHEREAS, they recently have been reinforced by the lovely Jamila,

WHEREAS, I had contact with one of the leading Florencians,

WHEREAS, he confirmed that my move would still be greatly appreciated,

WHEREAS, I failed to make contact with one of the other prominent Florencians,

WHEREAS, this left me undecided,

WHEREAS, my fellow Cézembrians made it clear that they would hate to lose me,

WHEREAS, I was greatly flattered by that,

WHEREAS, I therefore, in the end, relied on Casino Talossa to make the decission,

WHEREAS, the dices spoke very clear,

WHEREAS, I waited already too long in doing this,

WHEREAS, I know this practice is being frowned upon,

WHEREAS, I, however, believe this is an exceptional situation,

WHEREAS, I hereby promise to be bound to the result of the current referendum (laid out in The Corrected Disenfranchisement Act RZ10),

WHEREAS, I believe I have said all now,

THEREFORE, I ask the ZIU to give me permission to move from Cézembre to Florencia and change my provincial identity accordingly.

Uréu q'estadra så: Uglhán Cruceatúl - (RCT Cézembre)

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