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A patronymic, or a patronym, is a name derived from a male ancestor's given name, mostly from the father of the bearer. They are used to identify the bearer as part of the lineage of that ancestor, thereby functioning much like surnames. Patronymics are also, albeit less frequently, given to honour the father or ancestor of a child.

Talossan patronymics

In Talossa, patronymics are found either formed by glheþinising the name of a citizen, which is already in form of a patronymic, or as an addendum to the his or her name, chosen to honour their ancestor. There are three possibilities of forming a patronymic in Talossan:

  1. By adding -escu, pronounced [esku], to the ancestor's given name; or
  2. By adding -sëfiglheu, pronounced [sɐˈfiʎɪʊ̯], which means son of ..., to the ancestor's given name; or
  3. By adding -figlheu, pronounced [ˈfiʎɪʊ̯], which means son, to the ancestor's given name.

Note that, in case of women, the second and third suffixes given above change to -sëfiglhă (pronounced [sɐˈfiʎɐ]), and -figlhă (pronounced [ˈfiʎɐ]), respectively, meaning daughter (of) .... In contrast, -escu is invariable, and does not change for gender.

Famous Talossans bearing patronymics

There are many Talossan citizens who bear a patronymic in their name. Some examples hereof are:

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