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Among the first acts of his reign, the King of Talossa names a Privy Council (Sabor, in Talossan) consisting of several Privy Councillors (called Guaírs in Talossan) with whom he consults whenever possible on all matters of grave importance to the Kingdom, and whose duty is to offer the King the benefit of their individual and collective wisdom and advice.

The King takes care to include in this council those citizens with the longest and deepest connections to the ongoing historical life of the Kingdom, in particular those who are personally familiar with the homeland itself. Should at any time it be deemed wise or necessary to do so, a Privy Councillor, "acting alone or in concert with fellow councillors", may publicly issue a "Letter to the King" about any matter of grave importance to the Kingdom.

The Privy Councillors serve at the pleasure of the King. Privy Councillors are entitled to add the honorific initials 'GST' to their signatures, for Guaír del Sabor Talossan.

His Majesty King John's Privy Council currently consists of: