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the Talossan Observer, also known as tO, is a newscompany based in Cordenons, Italy. It is currently led by Lüc da Schir, with Glüc da Dhi acting as VP. The newscompany has also an indefinite number of other employees that help (or used to help) with the news. The newscompany has a website, currently hosted on Blogger (http://talobserver.blogspot.it), and periodically used to release a PDF issue of its news, the Sunday Observer.


The foundation of the Observer was inspired by da Schir's forced renounciation to his Lucanian citizenship: in his 11-citizens micronation, he was the chief executive of two newspapers: il Corriere di Lucania, in Italian, and the one which will become the main inspiration for the Observer, da Lukaniens Nevpapier (the Lucanian Newspaper), in Lucanian. He thought that a newspaper would have given the double effect of introducing himself as new citizen inside Talossa and blowing some fresh air into the Kingdom's press. Also, the Observer's creation has had the brief result of forcing Öin Ursüm to publish some new news on his online newspaper Mormoglhen.


The article "The Talossan Observer's Analysis on the January 2014 General Elections", hailed by many as one of the finest examples of Talossan journalism ever published, has won the Best Article of the Year (April 2013 - April 2014) award by the Talossan Press Association.

PDF Issue

The Observer periodically releases a PDF issue with some news, although CEO da Schir has announced the suspension of the service following the chronical lack of time of the tO staff. The issue is named "the Sunday Observer", is coloured, and with about 7-8 pages.


The Observer has a website too, where the journalists post the news of the day. The 500 visits wall was broken September 30th, 2012, while the website reached 1000 visits on March 29th, 2013. On June 21st the website reached its 2000th visit. The 3000th visit was made halfway through October 2013 and the 5000th on July 11th 2014.
Da Schir has valued the Observer's website as the most visited non-governmental website of the Talossan world. The Observer mantains a Facebook page (34 likes) and a Twitter profile (67 followers).

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