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This template is for political party pages. To use it, copy and paste the following code to the top of the page, substituting in the necessary variables where indicated.

|name=The party's name.
|logo=The title of an uploaded image of the party's official or unofficial logo here.
|boss=The name of the most recent party leader.
|date1=The date the party became active.  Not shown if undefined.
|date2=The date the party ceased to be active.  Not shown if nothing is entered for date1.
|bel=The core beliefs of the party.  This might be their 50-word statement, or a simpler expression of their ideals.  Not shown if undefined.
|col1=Main color used by the party (will show up as border). Defaults to gray.
|col2=Secondary color used by the party (will show up as separator). Defaults to col1.