Law:The Cosa Vote Finality Act, Redux

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42RZ12 — The Cosa Vote Finality Act, Redux

WHEREAS the Cosâ Vote Finality Act (6RC86) is unenforceable as written, since it can be read such that it would only apply if John Jahn were still the Secretary of State, and

WHEREAS S:r Jahn is not the Secretary of State, and is not likely to be appointed to that "illustrious" position anytime in the great near future, but

WHEREAS the current Secretary believes that the Act itself is still a good idea,

THEREFORE be it resolved that all votes cast by Members of the Ziu shall be considered final and may not be changed once cast, and

FURTHERMORE the original Cosâ Vote Finality Act is hereby repealed.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Iustì Canun (SRT-Maricopa)
Toni Çamberleir (MC-RUMP)
Capt. Mick Preston (MC-RUMP)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This Act was vetoed by HM King John with the comment: "I conclude that the Ziu cannot legislate a limitation on an MC's decision whether, and when, to change an already-cast vote."
  2. It had only narrowly passed (Cosa: 86-64 in favour with 7 abstaining; Senate: 4-1 in favour) and was reconsidered during the 5th Clark of the 42nd Cosa. The vote was an overwhelming affirmation of the King's veto. (Cosa: 14-157 against; Senate: 1-6 against).
  3. A similar measure (42RZ20) aimed exclusively at repealing 6RC86 was introduced during the final Clark of the 42nd Cosa and passed handily and signed into law by the King.

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