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35RZ28 — The Opposition Leader Abolition Omnibus

WHEREAS the Organic Law specifies that there be a royal post known as the Opposition Leader or Leader of the Loyal Opposition, and

WHEREAS in all the years, this position has rarely if ever been filled, and

WHEREAS the mode of filling the position is confusing, even were it to be followed, and

WHEREAS it has never been followed anyway, and

WHEREAS ever since the repeal of 34RZ2 as amended, there is now no mention in any Talossan law of any official duties to be performed by the Opposition Leader, and

WHEREAS even during the time when 34RZ2 was in force, there was no Opposition Leader to perform the duties anyway, and God knows that caused no end of problems, which is all in the past now, of course, but anyway,

WHEREAS the repeal of 34RZ2 creates a situation in which all citizens of the Kingdom may choose to provide input during the course of all immigration proceedings, and all citizens have avenues to pursue in cases of disagreement concerning such proceedings, thus obviating the need for any particular person, opposed to the government of the day, to be consulted by the government on such matters, and therefore such obligation to consult need not be reïmposed upon any certain person who may be acknowleged as Opposition Leader, and

WHEREAS since the Opposition Leader is, by its very nature, someone who opposes the policies of the government of the day, it actually makes no sense to assign any governmental duties to such a person anyway, and

WHEREAS the organization of political parties and coälitions and the election of any internal leaders of the same -- apart from the necessary mandate that a majority of the Cosä shall join to recommend the appointment of a Prime Minister to the King -- is not in any way the business of the government or the royal house, and

WHEREAS the King is always free to solicit advice from any citizen of the Kingdom, regardless of the politics of that citizen, and

WHEREAS in eras of good feeling, the only voice of opposition in the Ziu may come from a crackpot, and

WHEREAS it would not be good for the Kingdom if the King were forced by law to appoint a crackpot to a royal post, now

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu that a referendum be put before the electorate seeking to amend the Organic Law and modify statutory law as follows:

  1. Repeal Article XII, Section 10 of the Organic Law.
  2. Repeal 24RZ47 (The Opposition Leader Appointment Act).
  3. Amend 25RZ31 (The Bill Act) to allow any member of the Ziu, without necessity to seek a grant of permission, to prepend "His Majesty's Loyal Opposition, represented by" to his subscribed name when presenting a legislative proposal for the Clark.
  4. Remove the Leader of the Loyal Opposition from the Table of Precedences in 34RZ12, and, to correct an oversight, insert into the Table of Precedences, just above the Cabinet Members, the members of the nobility and knighthood in order of their rank and tenure.

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