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now that i've been back for a while, i'm kinda thinking about where i stand on issues (which issues, even?)

my policies were for a long time those of a party which has been extinct for 3+ years now :) might fill up this page with policy stuff for my benefit and that of whoever reads the recent changes page

  • senate good, but mmp unicameral potentially better because it's poor management to split up a scarce workforce.
    • hadn't thought that bringing in mmp does not necessarily equal a 20 seat cosa. i still think em200 is silly though.
    • if mmp is a thing, it doesn't have to be unicameral. let the senate stay as a voluntary house that can vote on anything except budget and confidence, (if senate rejects, cosa can override next clark with no additional threshold required), and anyone can sign up for it freely, both new and old citizens. but require a quorum for operation so we don't get a 4 person senate. it mostly becomes a vehicle for people to 1) hopper bills, 2) submit terps, 3) access to senses of the ziu. (potentially float suspension if any tool is abused)
    • i will forever disagree with tycho's weighted senate voting idea because UNCOOL.
  • i am a no gods, no masters type, but apolitical monarchy is cool. i have no particular wish to get rid of john. the privy council is doing a good job
    • ...though people leaving because their contributions are not acknowledged is kinda an eternal problem. also, why has marcel not been given an urgp yet??
    • billion louis plan for a republarchy is obviously to have a vacant throne and a yearly cort/ziu appointed regent :)))
  • the royal society should really do something
  • RENAME B-WORD PROVINCE or i'll present an one line bill to move myself to cezembre
    • the cjovani have more culture than the rest of the actual provinces put together
    • provincial mergers are UNCOOL unless they happen top-down so we get from 8 to 4 and then everything looks PRETTY and AESTHETIC
    • slightly more serious take on the above: look into the M-M plan for provincial mergers. Keep 8 provinces, 8 senators (potentially 8 constables), but merge provincial functions (governor, premier, legislature) between provinces.