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Hi, I'm Lüc. I do stuff in Talossa. You can read more about me on my Wiki page.

Things that are not on there but are cool, I suppose:

  • I first found out about Talossa almost two years before joining, from a magazine picked up at my dentist's studio. Had my appointment been on time, it's possible that I would have never come across Talossa. Back then I had no internet access, so I had to wait a fair bit before I could apply. Talk about dedication...
  • I like Formula One, I've been following it since I was 7 (I think?). I don't plan on attending a race though. I want Robert Kubica back on the grid.
  • I like tennis, although my attention span nowadays is restricted mostly to the grass court season. On one of my trips to London, I've attended the Queen's Club Championships and seen some famous guys play. I've been to Wimbledon and Roland Garros, not during the tournaments though.
  • I love rugby. I've sadly never have been able to play it, but I like going to matches of the local Pro 14 side, Benetton Treviso, and of my adoptive hometown Padua's Italian Excellence Championship side, Petrarca. By the way, Petrarca just won its 13th Italian Championships, so I guess a #FORZANERI is in order. I remember pestering CCX with a Six Nations match simulator a while ago.
  • I like skiing, but I'm horrible at it. Borderline acceptable if it's a good day.
  • I've yet to meet a fellow Talossan outside of a few that live nearby, sadly; though I've video chatted with a few in a number of occasions (interviews, party stuff, debates...), and even played some rFactor (a sim racing game) with Alex S back in the days.
  • I play the trumpet, and love brass band music. Looking at the above points, by now you could easily predict that... I've never played in a brass band. Well, I remember trying to find more Talossans who played brass instruments way back in 2012/13 (I think?), to try and form an ephemeral brass band. Does that count?
  • I like talking/debating/following politics. Predictably, outside of Talossa, I don't belong to any political party. I've attended a seating of the British House of Lords. My friends don't get why I'm following US politics so closely, and neither do I.
  • I don't really care about football, other than the World Cup and the Euros. And the occasional local team exploits, like that time my hometown team almost defeated Inter Milan.
  • I study IT Engineering in Padua. My friends there call me Dovah. The reasoning behind the nickname is too complicated to explain.
  • I play some PC games from time to time. You can find me on Steam.
  • I like travelling, but I've mostly seen Central Europe. Never been anywhere south of Tuscany. I've been to Venice an unhealthy number of times.
  • Alas, I don't speak any other foreign languages, I guess I've spent all my chips on English. I'm at that dangerous point where you feel confident of nailing 90% of what you write, but don't care much about the other 10%. People seem to understand me though, so I'm fine I guess.