Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard

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Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard

The Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard is an agency of the Ministry of Defence created in November 2007 (via statutory law 36RZ7) as a land-based force charged primarily with the protection of the Royal Family, but also operating as Talossa's army. Members of the Zouaves outfit themselves, among other attire, in voluminous trousers; twelve-foot long woolen sashes; white canvas leggings; leather greaves; white gloves, and a tasseled fez. Further, they are charged, as far as is practical, with growing an enormous moustache.

The official approved improvised weapon of the Zouaves is the bedpost (as specified by statutory law 38RZ18), which members of the Zouaves use in ceremonial exhibition drill exercises and competitions.

The senior officer is Capitan Sir Mick Preston.

Headquarters Division

El Capitan: Capitan Sir Mick Preston

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon