Committee for Organic and Statutory Reform

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The Committee for Organic and Statutory Reform was a body tasked with amending the 1997 Organic Law that assembled during the 50th Cosa. The desired outcome was meant to be a relatively moderate overhaul that would have mantained its general spirit, but updated it to a more modern Talossa.

The committee was assembled and chaired by the sitting Attorney-General in the Second Da Schir Cabinet, Viteu Marcianüs.

2017 Organic Law

The Committee produced the so-called 2017 Organic Law, which remained dormant for two years before being taken up by the 53rd Cosa under the Still Into This Amendment. In the meantime, two rivalling proposals were floated around: a rivalling proposal by Marcianüs based on the Australian constitution, which wasn't voted on; and the 2019 Organic Law, a more ambitious in-house proposal by the Plätschisch Cabinet which didn't get the required Senate supermajority during the 52nd Cosa.

The final proposal consisted of 13 articles.

Still Into This Amendment

After the failure of the 2019 Organic Law, the 2017 proposal was finally taken up by the Ziu in the 53rd Cosa. Ian Plätschisch, an original member of the Committee, resubmitted the proposal as the Still Into This Amendment with the additional input of Lüc da Schir and Glüc da Dhi, both of whom weren't in the original committee. Some changes were made:

  • Article XIII, mostly consisting of provisions for a new Organic Law, was removed since the new proposal was an amendment;
  • The Ziu may establish lower courts, instead of the Cosa alone;
  • The Ziu may regulate what happens in the event the King fails to perform a duty;
  • Clarifications on elections to the Senate and the Seneschal's power to dissolve the Cosa;
  • Changed procedure when the Senate does not approve the budget;
  • Abstentions are allowed on VoCs;
  • MZs do not have to vote on every bill;
  • Dandelions will register with SoS instead of MinImm;
  • Senate and Cosa may officially administer themselves as they see fit.


Each of the three major parties could name two members to the committee, picking from their Members of the Cosa and Senators, for a total of six commissioners plus the chair. The members of the Committee were:

Member Office
Viteu Marcianüs, Chair Free Democrats Attorney-General
Ian Plätschisch Moderate Radicals Distain
Txoteu Davinescu Moderate Radicals Member of the Cosa
Miestrâ Schivâ Free Democrats Culture Minister
Gödafrieu Valcadac'h Free Democrats Senator for Fiôvâ
Cresti Siervicül RUMP Party Leader (RUMP)
Éovart Grischun RUMP Senator for Vuode