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The Government of Talossa is formed after each general election, at intervals of eight months or less. After the election, the political party or coalition of parties holding a majority of seats in the newly elected Cosa organizes a new government administration, recommending to the King a particular person for the office of Seneschal, or Prime Minister. The Seneschal appoints a cabinet of ministers to enact various functions specified in the Organic Law and in statutes (most particularly The Cabinet Refinishing Act). Typically, new Seneschals have left some of the offices vacant, or permitted the incumbents to retain their positions.

The cabinet consists of the following positions:

  • The Seneschal, assisted in his duties by a Distain. The two together comprise the Prime Ministry.
  • Minister of Culture. [Presently:Françal Ián Lux]
  • Minister of Interior. [Presently:Munditenens Tresplet]
  • Finance Minister. [Presently:Lüc da Schir]
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs. [Presently:Breneir Itravilatx]
  • Attorney-General, heading up the Ministry of Justice. [Presently:Miestrâ Schivâ]
  • Minister of Sanavarh da Talossa àl Ultra-Fiovan Folas (typically referred to by the acronym "Minister of STUFF"). [Presently:Sevastáin Pinátsch]