List of Ministers of STUFF

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This is a list of all the Ministers of STUFF that have held office in the post Ben era. It is known that Robert Madison himself served as Minister of STUFF during the Castiglha government, but it is not known when the ministry was founded, and there is no mention of any prior appointment in sources such as Ár Päts.

Ten Minister Party Took Office Cabinet
1 1 The Rt Hon. Don Deutschmann MC Conservative Loyalist Party  ??? Von Buchholtz Cabinet
2 2 The Rt Hon. Joseph Oliver Walkland MC Conservative Loyalist Party  ??? Tecladeir Cabinet
3 3 The Rt Hon. Senator Alexandreu Davinescu RUMP 4 April 2007 First La Mha Cabinet
4 4 The Rt Hon. Ieremiac'h Ventrutx RUMP 3 March 2008 Second La Mha Cabinet
5 5 The Rt Hon. Viteu Marcianüs MC Progressive Party 7 November 2008 Ventrutx Cabinet
Zefençadéirs dal Päts Talossán Canun Cabinet
Davinescu Cabinet
6 The Rt Hon. Alexandreu Davinescu MC RUMP 29 January 2011 First Cjantscheir Cabinet
6 7 The Rt Hon. Martì A. G. Prevuost MC RUMP 29 October 2011 Second Cjantscheir Cabinet
7 8 The Rt Hon. Stéafan d'Unmortadel RUMP 23 July 2012 Third La Mha Cabinet
8 9 The Rt Hon. Danihel Teziun RUMP 29 August 2012
9 10 The Rt Hon. Litz Cjantscheir, UrN MC RUMP 2 October 2012
Da Chilseu Cabinet
11 The Rt Hon. Alexandreu Davinescu MC RUMP 19 April 2013 Dal Nordselva Cabinet
10 12 The Rt Hon. Lüc da Schir MC Moderate Radicals 24 January 2014 Da Dhi Cabinet
11 13 The Rt Hon. Sevastáin Pinátsch MC Moderate Radicals 20 September 2014 First Da Schir Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Senator Sevastáin Pinátsch Xheraltescu Cabinet
12 14 The Rt Hon. M.T. Patritz da Biondeu MC Free Democrats 22 December 2015
13 15 The Rt Hon. Ian Plätschisch MC Moderate Radicals 4 April 2016 Siervicül Cabinet
14 16 The Rt Hon. Glüc da Dhi MC Moderate Radicals 31 January 2017 Second Da Schir Cabinet
Third Da Schir Cabinet
15 17 The Rt Hon. Martì-Paìr Furxhéir MC Free Democrats 29 July 2018 Plätschisch Cabinet
16 18 The Rt Hon. Senator Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h Free Democrats 14 November 2018
19 The Rt Hon. Senator Sevastáin Pinátsch Independent 7 April 2019 Schivâ Cabinet