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42RZ14 — The Registration Act

WHEREAS sending cash/cheques by post is not always a safe or wise thing to do, and

WHEREAS currently political party leaders have to snail mail their $20 fee to the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, and

WHEREAS this is not the safest nor most efficient way of sending money, and

WHEREAS it is also a inconvenience and costly to non-US residents to send US Dollars by international mail, and

WHEREAS we live in a world were nearly everyone has a credit or debit card and not to mention a PayPal account, and

WHEREAS there is currently a Talossan PayPal account administered by the Ministry of Finance, and

WHEREAS it is safer, faster and would make more sense, to allow political party leaders to pay the applicable registration fee via a electronic method such as PayPal instead of snail mail,

WHEREAS it is hoped this will allow a much smoother election process, without worrying if a cheque got lost in the mail, now

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu:

Section 1. The Secretary of State, or his appointed agent, shall charge, as prescribed by the Organic Law, a registration fee of 13¤20 (thirteen louise and twenty bence, equivalent to $20US) to each political party in forthcoming elections. Any Party or Parties which fail or refuse to pay the fee shall be deemed not registered.
Section 2. The fee may only be paid by:
  1. Sending a Money Order, Cash or Cheque by snail mail to the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue: Only fees which have been received in full, by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue will be deemed paid. Fees that are in transit, delayed, lost in the mail or not received by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue for any reason, shall not count as paid fees, even if accompanied with proof of postage. Payments made by Money Order or Cheque shall not be deemed as paid until they have been cleared, the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, will notify the nation when such fees have cleared or if said payments have bounced. If a party’s cheque or money order bounces, they shall be liable to pay costs incurred by the Kingdom for their payment bouncing and shall not be registered until their fee plus these costs have been paid.
  2. PayPal: Fees may be paid by electronically transferring the appropriate funds into the Kingdom of Talossa’s PayPal account managed by The Ministry of Finance (Ministrà dal Finançù). The Minister of Finance is to notify all Political Parties in advance of the Election of details regarding the PayPal account into which they may deposit their fee. Once a fee has been received by the Minster of Finance from a party, he shall notify the Nation and Burgermeister of Inland Revenue publicly that said fee has been received and arrange for said fee to be deposited in the Kingdom’s Account managed by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue.
  3. Payment directly to the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue: Payment may be made directly in person to the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, by cash, cheque or money order. The Burgermeister of Inland Revenue shall notify the nation which such payments have been received. The policy of Cheque and Money orders in subsection (1) applies equally in this instance.
Section 3. Once a fee has been received by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue and/or the Minister of Finance and/or their appointed agents, it is not refundable for any reason. If, however, a party overpays or pays more than once for any given election period, excess fees may be credited to the party against its next payment of fees or refunded, at the discretion of the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, minus any fees or costs incurred.

FURTHERMORE 34RZ14, The $20 Registration Fee Act is hereby repealed in full.

Noi urent q’estadra sa,
HM Government, represented by:
Litz Cjantscheir, Seneschal (MC, RUMP)
Baron Hooligan, Distain (MC, RUMP)

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