Law:The Terpelaziuns (Parliamentary Question) Act

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This law is currently

Ziu 44th Clark 1st
Sponsored by: Litz Cjantscheir

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 174 — CON 23 — AUS 0

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 6 — CON 0 — AUS 2

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44RZ1: The Terpelaziuns (Parliamentary Question) Act

WHEREAS in most democratic nations, the Government is held accountable to its elected legislative body

WHEREAS in Talossa, the Government is held accountable to the Cosa in the form of a “Vote of Confidence”, which is voted upon in every Clark

WHEREAS this accountability needs to be broadened in order to allow a more active engagement between MCs/ Senators and the Government

WHEREAS the ability for a MC or Senator to be able to ask questions of Members of the Government relating to Public Affairs connected with their Ministry or on matters of administration for which they are officially responsible, in which the Minister must answer will greatly increase this accountability

WHEREAS this accountability will increase parliamentary activity and in turn that of the Government,

WHEREAS the current 14RC9-The Terpelaziuns (Question Time) Act, is largely inadequate and only applies to Living Cosa,

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu:

Section 1: Any Member of the Cosa (MC) or Senator may at any time between the First and Last Clark of a Cosa Term, table in “The Ziu” board on Witt, or its equivalent, a “c (PQ)” or “Terp” in a new thread or its equivalent.

(b) The PQ or Terp may ask one question to a named Member of the Government relating to Public Affairs connected with their Ministry or on matters of administration for which they are officially responsible.

(c) There is no limit to the number of PQs or Terps a MC or Senator may submit in any given Clark.

Section 2: Any PQ or Terp that is submitted by a MC or Senator in accordance with Section 1 above, must be answered by the named Minister within seven (7) days of the question being tabled. Should the Minister be unavailable to answer the question within the seven (7) days, the question shall be redirected to the Prime Minister or his/her appointed Deputy who shall be granted a further seven (7) days to answer the aforementioned question. With the agreement of the questioner, there may be a extension of seven (7) days on top of this period. However, the period from the asking of the question to the answering of the question, shall in no circumstances exceed twenty one (21) days.

(b) For the purpose of subsection (a) above, “unavailable” means being unable for to access Witt, or its equivalent, for a acceptable and reasonable reason. Having Logged into or visited Witt during the seven day period, or its equivalent and having not seen or ignored the PQ or Terp, shall not constituent being unavailable. (c) This Act shall not apply PQs or Terps which refer to matters of Security or Defence of His Majesty’s Realm and/or any project(s), Correspondence or activities in which the Government has deemed and classed as confidential or its release may damage the Kingdom in any shape or form. Such questions may not be answered by any Minister.

(d) The Minister must answer the question in the same thread or its equivalent as the original question and the questioner may ask one (1) supplementary question, in which subsection (a) above applies, with the seven days starting from the date the supplementary question is asked.

Section 3: Failure to answer a question within the given timeframe shall constitute an offense and a Minister if found guilty of such a offense, will be subject to a punishment at the discretion of the Courts.

(b) It shall be a defence to the Minister if the questioner, notwithstanding any other legitimate defences, did not or failed to: (i) Correctly title his/her question or; (ii) Ask a clear question. E.g. An ambiguous question, in which the Minister tried to clarify but failed to do so in the timeframe and did not subsequently answer. Or; (iii) Post his/her question in the correct board, or; (iv) Engage with the Minister in trying to answer his/her question or; (v) Direct the question to one named Minister.

Uréu q’estadra sa:

The Hon. Litz Cjantscheir, ChRTB, MC, RUMP

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