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45RZ2, The Poet Laureate Act


Ziu 45th Clark 1st
Sponsored by: Óïn Ursüm

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED

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Whereas (doesn't everyone know it?)
we've always had need of a poet
to show us the way
and to brighten our day
and to capture the thought of the moment.

Therefore by the Ziu be enacted,
as follows, in verses protracted:
that we do create
a new office of state
to accomplish the purpose abstracted.

El Metrefieir Laureat
shall the office be named, come to that,
and we won't be sorry that
this Poet Laureate
will our Royal Household work at.

PM shall advise, King confirm,
this soul to an indefinite term
of true dedication
to versification
on topics of public concern.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Óïn Ursüm (MC, ZRT)
Txec dal Nordselva (MC, RUMP)
C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (MC, ZRT)
Owen Edwards (MC, CSPP)
Sir C.M. Siervicül (MC, RUMP)

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