Law:50RZ14 A Referendum on the Monarchy

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The text as originally adopted is here
Ziu 50th Clark 2nd
Uréu q'estadra så: Viteu Marcianüs

Cosa.png Cosă: PASSED
Per 97 — Con 78 — Aus 13

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
Per 4 — Con 3 — Aus 1

L'Anuntziă dels Legeux

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WHEREAS the question of the Monarchy has long plagued Talossa;

WHEREAS the legitimacy of the State, its regime, and its ability to govern, and all derivative institutions solely rest upon the perception of the People;

WHEREAS democracy demands that those who consent to the State’s governance be asked to determine the legitimacy of all aspects and institutions of the State;

WHEREAS such a census may be achieved through regular, free, and fair elections;

WHEREAS when such elections fail to measure the People’s perception of legitimacy for institutions not subject to the democratic process, then the State must resort to other means to ensure that the People support continued existence of that institution;

THEREFORE the Ziu, pursuant to Article XX of the Organic Law, hereby instructs the Chancery to administer the following non-binding referendum to the People of Talossa:

(1) Do you think that Talossa should continue to be a monarchy? Yes___ No___
(2) Notwithstanding the prior question, do you think that the Crown should have no political power in any form, and function only as a figurehead? Yes___ No____[1]

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