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45RZ13, Act Establishing Talossa Business Licences

This bill FAILED to pass.

Ziu 45th Clark 4th
Sponsored by:

Cosa.png Cosa: FAILED
PER 1 — CON 63 — AUS 89

Senats.png Senäts: FAILED
PER 2 — CON 3 — AUS 0

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WHEREAS in order to operate in most parts of the world, businesses need to be registered AND

WHEREAS Talossa doesn't have any rules for such a process AND

WHEREAS At least one non-official corporation (A newspaper) was sold and transferred between citizens over the course of its history AND

WHEREAS At least one corporation owned in part by a Talossan has made significant revenue from Talossan citizens without ever having to register in Talossa or pay any income tax or registration fees

THEREFORE the Ziu resolves that:

Citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa shall be allowed to petition the Office of the Ministry of Finance to register a business they own, control, or are an authorized representative of (such as an affiliate)

Businesses registered this way only receive permission to offer products and services to citizens and prospectives of Talossa and still need to be registered in their country of origin for all services offered outside of Talossa (and, for that matter, usually inside of Talossa to).

Two types of corporations are recognized: Internal, which only does business in Talossa to Talossan citizens, and External, which also exist outside of Talossa.

A registration record shall contain the following information: The name of the citizen registering the business
The type of corporation (internal or external)
The type of corporate income tax applied to the corporation, if applicable. If not, a note whether it is non-profit or for profit
The name under which the corporation will do business in Talossa
The name of the corporation outside of Talossa, if applicable. This information will be only visible to citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa
The registration number
The list of other Talossan citizens who are part owner or director of the business, if applicable

Upon registration, the corporation shall receive a registration number composed as follows:

- 2 (or 3) digits corresponding to the number of the Cosa of the last published Clark - The business type : E for External, I for Internal
- The tax code letter as defined in the corporate tax laws in place at the moment of registration. Until such a law is in place, 2 letters shall be used: N for Non-Profit organization, and F for For profit organizations
- The 4 digit citizen number of the person in charge of the business, padded by zero
- A dash
- A 3 digit number, padded with zero, which represent the order of business registrations for that citizen so that his or her first business shall have the number 001, and the second shall have the number 002.

This law is only meant to define the registration number of businesses and doesn't provide specific rights or obligations outside of these provisions.

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