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A coat of arms is a the distinctive heraldic bearings of a person of gentle blood, originally borne on an escutcheon (shield) or tabard. The creation and management of coats of arms is known as the art of heraldry, while a compilation of coats of arms is known as an armorial.

All heraldric and armorial functions in the Kingdom of Talossa are vested by the Organic Law exclusively in the King and his Royal College of Arms. All Talossans are considered to be of gentle blood, as proven by their excellent taste in nationality, and are entitled to request assistance from the College in designing their arms, which may then be granted them by the monarch.

An armorial achievement granted by His Majesty with assistance from the College of Arms consists of a brief written description, known as the blazon. This description is written in an Anglicized version of Norman French, and so it may not be easy for most people to read, but it describes in exact terms the appearance of each element of the achievement. It is important to note that this blazon may be represented in a wide variety of visual styles.