La Mhà Nheagrâ

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La Mhà Nheagrâ
Leader: Weston Erni, Ben Madison
Founded: July 1985
Disbanded:December 2005

La Mhà Nheagrâ (pronounced [ɫɐ ṽa ɲɪˈaɡɾɐ], English: the black hand), also known as the Black Hand or Manus Nigrum, was a Talossan political party.

The first incarnation of the party was initially founded by Weston Erni in 1985 and was, unlike the second incarnation, mostly referred to by its English name. The party called for annexing two nearby suburbs, Whitefish Bay and Shorewood, home of Napoleon’s, a wargame store frequented by Talossans. It existed for two years before Erni joined the Progressive Conservatives - not before serving a term as the fourth Prime Minister of Talossa. According to Ben Madison's account of the Lost Archives, there had also been an attempt to revive the party in 1998.

The party was re-formed for the January 2003 General Election by Erni and King Robert I, who had both been members of the PC almost ever since. Upon the party being founded, critics of the PC's dominance noted how the supposed "pocket votes" that had fuelled the PC's long span in power had followed Robert to his new party. Indeed, the PC lost its majority and only narrowly tipped the MN for first place, with just 63 seats, which would remain to this day the lowest number of seats for a plurality party in a 200 seat Cosa; no other plurality party would ever get less than a third of the seats.

The Black Hand was a vocal supporter of EM200, and its two leaders were the chief proponents of the new electoral system.

Three more MN members would serve as Prime Ministers:

The party last contested the October 2005 General Election, holding 16 seats under its last member, Albrec'ht Cheléir. It effectively folded with the elections to the 36th Cosa.


The Serbian secret military society called Unification or Death (Serbian: Уједињење или смрт/Ujedinjenje ili smrt) contributed to the begin of the First World War by facilitating the murder of the heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This society was, however, popularly known as the Black Hand (Serbian: Црна рука/Crna Ruka).

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