Brook Pànetâ

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Brook Pànetâ (Brook Glaefke, also seen as Brook Gläfke) was a citizen of Talossa and of Florencia Province.

Pànetâ became a citizen in May of 1985 and served in the Senate. Long thought to have become a sock-puppet of Robert I, Pànetâ was appointed by Robert to the Florencian Senate seat after the renunciations of 2004 that created the Talossan Republic left the Senate devastated. Pànetâ's Senate votes were consistently reported by Robert I, and Pànetâ's participation in the life of the nation stopped abruptly with Robert's abdication in 2006. Uncontactable, Pànetâ's citizenship lapsed through three-strikes thereafter.


Preceded by
Uglhán Cruceatúl
Senator for Florencia
33rd Cosa - 35th Cosa (Clark 1)
Succeeded by
John W. Woolley