Bureau for Humanitarian Aid and International Development

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The Bureau for Humanitarian Aid and International Development (BHAID) is Talossa's humanitarian assistance and development agency and was created on 1 October 2015. BHAID is located within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BHAID is governed by a multi-partisan Board of Governors under regulations determined by enacting statute 48RZ15.

The first Administrator of BHAID was Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish. The current Administrator is Inxheneu Crova.

BHAID serves as the hub for disaster and poverty relief and other forms of humanitarian assistance and emergency response and as a promoter of efforts towards socioeconomic development.

BHAID conducted its first fundraising drive on the issue of refugee and internally displaced persons assistance in October-November 2015.

For its first aid disbursement, BHAID governors chose the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

For its second aid disbursements, the BHAID governors chose GiveDirectly.org and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.