Charles Sauls

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Charles Sauls (Carlüs Savúls, b. 26 May 1978) is a former citizen of Talossa. He became a Talossan citizen on 1 March 1997.

As Distain when Seneschal Dan Wardlow renounced his citizenship on 15 March 1998, Sauls refused to be sworn into office to succeed Wardlow, and despite being the sitting during his service as Secretary of State, pledged to renounce his own citizenship at the conclusion of the election, and did so on 15 April.

Eventually, like his predecessor, Sauls joined the short-lived Talossa breakaway micronation of Penguinea, which had been the cause of so much controversy during his final months as a Talossan citizen.


Preceded by
Evan Gallagher
Secretary of State
1 October 1997/XVIII - 15 April 1998/XIX
Succeeded by
Ián Anglatzarâ