Council of Regency (2006-7)

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With the abdication of King Louis on 29 November 2006, and with no members of the Rouergue royal house eligible to the throne, the Talossan throne was vacant and per the terms of Organic Law, the Uppermost Court acted as a Council of Regency until the election of a new King.

During the interregnum, the focus of the nation was almost entirely on the question of electing a new sovereign. Many Talossans favoured leaving the throne vacant, perhaps reserved for the return of King Robert I, while others maintained that the provisions of Organic Law calling for an election should be expeditiously invoked. Nominations for the Kingship were made to the Ziu, which recommended Sir John Woolley, UrN, then serving as Secretary of State, be elected King during the General Election of 14 March 2007. With the concurrence of the electorate and the accession of King John, the three-and-one-half month interregnum came to a close.

Preceded by
King of Talossa
29 November 2006/XXVII - 14 March 2007/XXVIII
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