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The basic unit of currency of the Kingdom of Talossa is the bent. While its worth varies according to the vagaries of trade and temperament, its value is backed by a national beer reserve, as administered by the Royal Talossan Treasury Board, a division of the Treasury. Currently, one bent is worth approximately two and a half American cents, or 1.67 eurocents. Bence are represented by the symbol ¤. For example, thrubbence would be written "¤3".

Sixty bence are referred to as a louis, named after former monarch Louis I. A lou, which has a current value of approximately $1.50 USD or 1 euro, is represented with the symbol ℓ. This symbol is only used for whole louise, however, so while a ferrigno would be written "ℓ10", a brock-and-a-half would be written as "1¤30".