Danihél Roðgarüt

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Danihél Roðgarüt (Dan Rogerson) is a Talossan citizen from the province of Cézembre.

Initially a citizen from June 1999, he was one of the members of the Liberal Party who fled Talossa in the "Second Exodus" of June 2001 due to clashes with King Robert I.

During his hiatus from Talossa, he notably served as a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North Cornwall in the British House of Commons between 2005 and 2015, and as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs during the last three years of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. To this date, he still is a member of the Liberal Democrats, like fellow Talossan Carlüs Xheraltescu, a former chair of the party's youth wing.

Roðgarut returned to Talossa in September 2017; he joined the Free Democrats of Talossa and sits in the Cosa. He stood for election as Sénéchal of Cézembre, but was defeated by Thor Deyaert by 3 votes to 4.