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Electrabase (originally named Vindsvåning) was the national capital of Talossa from 1994/XV to 1997/XVIII. It was located in Vuode.

Physically, Electrabase was located in Robert I's attic computer room at Vuode Palace[1]. It was so-named due to the room's striking colour and décor, which reflected the King's seventh-grade obsession with the schlocky TV fantasy "Electrawoman and Dynagirl"[2]. Electrabase was considered a preferable name to the thoroughly unpronounceable "Vindsvåning".

The February 1994/XV We Still Have to Make it Official, Electrawoman Act moved the capital from Abbavilla to Electrabase and it remained there until the adoption of the new Organic Law in 1997, when it reverted back.


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