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The national language of the Kingdom of Talossa, belonging to Ladintschen who have thoroughly arrived in the 21st century, possesses Electronic Conversation Abbreviations (also known as Chat Slang or Internet Slang). Some of these are in use, others are suggestions or have fallen out of use.


Abbreviation Talossan English equivalent Note
AMP Acest me piaça ”That pleases me; I like that” Official; Variant of ÇMP
APN Areivi per nun “Goodbye for now” (CYA, CU) Official
(A)VZ ¡(A), va zéu! “O my god!” (OMG) Proposed by Niclau Patíci in 2012/XXXIII
BET? Ben, ¿es tu? “Good, and you?” Official
BG Ben, graschcias “Good, thanks” Official
BM Ben morgun “Good morning” Official
BN Ben nic'ht “Good night” Official
BP Bună püntă “Good point; You are right” Official
BR Benvenescu rüc “Welcome back” (WB) Official
BZ Bună ziuă “Good day” Official
CET? ¿Com’estás’t? “How are you?” Official; Variant of CIT?
CG Cair gagnharh “So as to win” (FTW) Proposed by Niclau Patíci in 2012/XXXIII
CIT? ¿Com’isch-tu? “How are you?” Official; Variant of CET?
ÇMP Ça me piaça “That pleases me; I like that” Official; Variant of AMP
(Ç)TMP (Ça) Travala per me “(That) Works for me; Alright” Official
DC Da c'horsică “Of course” Official
E(A)TO Es (à) tu, ocså “And (to) you, too” Official
EC Éu cacalaßéu “I cackle; I laugh heartily.” (LOL) Official
EFI Éu fost irh “I must go” (G2G) Official, variant of TAI
ENS Éu non säp’ “I don’t know” (IDK) Official
EPQ(N/S) Éu pens’ që… (non/schi) “I think that… (no/yes)” Official
(E)RB (Éu) Revenarhéu bentopt “I will return soon” (BRB) Official; Variant of RP
ESES or ES2 Enceida schi éu säp’ “Hell if I know” Official
ESUDA Éu sînt ut dad aicì “I am out of here; I am going” Official
EVLO Eu vierbéu l’oßă “I am smiting my eyebrow [in disgust or exasperation]” Official
ITL? ¿Isch-tu là? “Are you there?” Official
JNAF Jozul ‘n altreu fäts “Yo, hello again” Official
Jozul Jo + Azul “Yo + Hello” Often, initiator of a conversation says the first syllable, and the interlocutor replies with the last: “¡Jo…” – “…zul!”
NAF ‘n altreu fäts “Once again” Official
NMZ Non me zemanda “Don’t ask me” Official
PCDD Parlarhéu cün dtu demà “I will talk to you tomorrow” (TTYT) Official; Variant of TPD
PCDPS Parlarhéu cün dtu pü schpeit “I will talk to you later” (TTYL) Official; Variant of TPPS
PQRS Províut q’el retentíu serva “Provided that the retainer (= memory) serve” (IIRC) Official
QDH? ¿Qët da hutsch? “What of f**k?” (WTF) Proposed by Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun
QILE? ¿Qët în l’enceidă? “What in hell?” (WTH) Official
QPD(A)? ¿Qët pensás’t da(d acest)? “What do you think of (this)?” Official
RP Revenarhéu prontu “Will come back quickly” Official; Variant of (E)RB
RR Rotléu ridînd “I roll around laughing” (ROFL) Official
RSER Rotlînd sür l’estatx risiloqueu “Rolling on the floor, I laugh” (ROFL) Proposed by Niclau Patíci in 2012/XXXIII
RSL Risiloqueu “I laugh” Proposed by Niclau Patíci in 2012/XXXIII
RXC Risiloqueu xhüd da va ciol “I laugh (myself) off of my arse” (LMAO) Proposed by Niclau Patíci in 2012/XXXIII
SCIM Salacor, c’e ispavortz, mas… “Perhaps this is unimportant, but…” (FWIW) Official
SSSS or S4 Så’starh, så’starh, så’starh, så’starh “Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe” Official
TAI Téu àð irh “I must go” (G2G) Official; Variant of EFI
TR Téu revenescu “I have returned” Official