Evan Cuntainça

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Evan Valadeir Mundrapunt Cuntainça (Owen Dale Karim Gunnell b. 30th October 1993) is a Citizen of the Province of Atatürk, and has been a Talossan since 2012. In his short time as a citizen, Evan has set up an awards scheme for the provinces and a competition for all citizens, featuring art, music, writing, and other accomplishments. Evan has also set up a church in Talossa.

On a provincial level, Evan was elected to serve as Başbakan of Atatürk in the House of Commons, 45th Cosa, on 30th May 2013. Due to circumstances outside of Evan's control, on the 26th of September 2013 he resigned from the post, leaving the office vacant until the end of the term.