Frédéric Corïu

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Frédéric Maugey

Frédéric Corïu (Frédéric Maugey) was a citizen of Talossa. A resident of France and acquaintance of Robert I from his 1982 visit to Europe that resulted in the annexation of Cézembre, Maugey became the seventh citizen of Talossa in January of 1983 and served as the third Seneschal of Talossa.

A republican, he founded the Front Uni pour la Nation, for which he served as the sole MC, and also represented Dan Lorentz's Democratic Dandipratic Party. These two parties operated in semi-coalition, and eventually merged in November 1986 forming the People United for No King.

He lost his Talossan citizenship in 1994; according to the National Atlas, he hadn't been heard from since 1991.


Preceded by
Florence Yarney
26 December 1985/VI - 26 September 1986/VII
Succeeded by
Weston Erni