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A category is a special sort of tag you can put on a page that classifies it into a specified group. Categories are a way to sort individual pages on the wiki, making it easy to navigate through related pages. TalossaWiki has many categories and subcategories, with some of the most prominent being Category:History and Category:Government. Categories can contain just a few pages, like Category:Songs, or a lot of pages, like Category:Political parties. You can even categorize images to easily sort out all the images of a certain type. All flag images, for example, are in Category:Flags.

The process of putting something in a category is very simple: you just add [[Category:desiredcategory]] to a page. You can put it anywhere on the page, because it won't actually be displayed to a reader - the wiki software will spot it and just do the classification for you. Pages can be in any number of categories, but you should only create a category if there will be more than a couple of pages to go in it. An empty category serves no purpose!

If you're putting a page into a new category, then the wiki will do it without a problem, but the category link at the bottom of the page will be a redlink (a page with no information). So it's a good idea to take a moment, click on that redlink, and enter a brief description of the category contents. You can edit and save a category page just like any other page.


Sometimes you may want to put one category inside of another - a subcategory. For example, the category Category:Images owned by the Kingdom of Talossa is a subcategory of Category:Images. If you go to Category:Images, then you can see that there are several sorts of categories of images to look at. This is very useful for navigation.

You can even add a page to a subcategory and the main category. You can see an example of this when you look at our two pages again: Example and TATER. Example belongs to the category Category:Example pages only, which is a subcategory of Category:Instruction. But TATER is in both Category:Example pages and Category:Instruction.


Occasionally, you won't want a category to list your page in strict alphabetical order. This is ordinarily the case with the names of people, which should be listed by last name, not first name. For these instances, you can just list on category tag the way you want the page to be sorted.

For example, the page Ián von Metáiriâ is in the category Category:Former Seneschals. But because we want his page listed under "M" on the category page, we have to adjust his page's category tag. This would be the appropriate code to achieve that: [[Category:Former Seneschals|Metáiriâ, Ián von]].