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There are several categories of user groups, and they dictate what powers you have on the wiki.

  • If you create an account and belong to no user groups, you may view the pages of the wiki, but not edit them.
  • Once you are approved, then you are added to the Citizens group. A Citizen may edit any of the pages on the wiki.
  • Some users are also granted Bureaucrat status, if they spend a lot of time on the wiki. These users have crowd-control powers, and may add people to the Citizens group, remove them, delete past page revisions (if they contain sensitive information), rename users, and even block users (although this last should never even be necessary).
  • Users who have particularly complex knowledge of wiki-editing may also be given Administrator rights. This grants them access to a host of other technical abilities, few of which the average user will ever need.
  • Scribes are only those users who belong to the Scribery. Only they can edit Lawspace.
  • The Managers have all of the above, usually in addition to server access (and whatever other powers they need). This may only be given to those citizens who have been specifically designated by the Ministry of Stuff or the Ziu to manage the wiki.
Group Role Powers
(none) New user account None. Cannot edit any pages.
Citizens Certified citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa
  • May edit pages.
  • May upload files.
  • Can skip CAPTCHA dialogues.
Administrators Technically adept editors
  • May move, delete, or protect pages.
  • May import pages.
  • Miscellaneous other technical powers.
Bureaucrats Frequent and trusted editors
  • May promote users to Citizen or Administrator.
  • May block users.
  • May hide page revisions.
Scribes Certified members of the Scribery
  • May edit Lawspace.
Managers Appointed officials of the Ministry of Stuff
  • May edit all user groups.