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In order to precisely indicate how a written phoneme should be pronounced, the International Phonetic Alphabet is often helpful. For more information about the IPA in general, please see the article at Wikipedia.


There are three ways to represent the IPA on TalossaWiki.


This template classifies the enclosed text as "IPA" text, so that other templates or people's personal CSS adjustments can make appropriate changes to its display. Example: {{IPA|lɛˈd͡ʒaʒ}} displays as: lɛˈd͡ʒaʒ


This template takes any IPA transcription and presents it in a standardized and appealing format, with choices of lede and the possibility of including an audio recording. {{IPA-all|lɛˈd͡ʒaʒ|pron|lexhatx.ogg}} displays as: pronounced [lɛˈd͡ʒaʒ] ( )


This template breaks up IPA symbols into separate phonemes, with a pronunciation guide available on mouseover. {{IPA-t|pron|audio=Lexhatx.ogg|l|ɛ|ˈ|dZ|a:|ʒ} displays as: pronounced: Listeni/lɛˈɑːʒ/

Sounds of Talossan

The Talossan language uses a specific subset of sounds, as represented in IPA. These sounds are indicated below, in the standard IPA format.


  bilabial labio-
dental alveolar post-
palatal labio-velar velar glottal
plosive p  b     t  d       k  ɡ  
nasal m     n   ɲ   ŋ  
fricative   f  v θ  ð s  z ʃ  ʒ     x  ɣ h
affricate         tʃ  dʒ        
approximant       ɾ   j w    
lateral approximant       ɬ  l   ʎ      


  Front Near- front Central Near- back Back
File:Blank vowel trapezoid.svg
· y
· ø
ɛ · œ
Where symbols appear in pairs, the one to the right represents a rounded vowel.
Speakers who prefer a later pronunciation merge the rounded vowels with the unrounded one.


Phonemes in Talossan words are pronounced roughly as follows.

Note: The IPA stress mark (ˈ) comes before the syllable that has the stress, in contrast to stress marking in pronunciation keys of some dictionaries published in the United States.

IPA Examples
b buy, cab
d dye, cad, do
ð thy, breathe, father
giant, badge, jam
f phi, caff, fan
ɡ (ɡ) guy, bag
h high, ahead
j yes, yacht
k sky, crack
l lie, sly, gal
m my, smile, cam
n nigh, snide, can
ŋ sang, sink, singer
θ thigh, math
p pie, spy, cap
r rye, try, very
s sigh, mass
ʃ shy, cash, emotion
t tie, sty, cat, atom
China, catch
v vie, have
w wye, swine
hw why
z zoo, has
ʒ equation, pleasure, vision, beige
Marginal consonants
x ugh, loch, Chanukah
ʔ uh-oh /ˈʔʌʔoʊ/
IPA Full vowels ... followed by R
ɑː palm, father, bra ɑr start, bard, barn, snarl, star (also /ɑːr./)
ɒ lot, pod, John ɒr moral, forage
æ trap, pad, shall, ban ær barrow, marry
price, ride, file, fine, pie aɪər Ireland, hire (/aɪr./)
aɪ.ər higher
mouth, loud, foul, down, how aʊər flour (/aʊr./)
aʊ.ər flower
ɛ dress, bed, fell, men ɛr error, merry
face, made, fail, vein, pay ɛər square, mare, scarce, cairn, Mary (/eɪr./)
eɪ.ər mayor
ɪ kit, lid, fill, bin ɪr mirror, Sirius
fleece, seed, feel, mean, sea ɪər near, beard, fierce, serious (/iːr./)
iː.ər freer
ɔː thought, Maud, dawn, fall, straw ɔr north, born, war, Laura (/ɔːr./)
ɔː.ər sawer
ɔɪ choice, void, foil, coin, boy ɔɪər loir (/ɔɪr./)
ɔɪ.ər lawyer
goat, code, foal, bone, go ɔər force, more, boar, oral (/oʊr./)
oʊ.ər mower
ʊ foot, good, full, woman ʊr courier
goose, food, fool, soon, chew, do ʊər boor, moor, tourist (/uːr./)
uː.ər truer
juː cued, cute, mule, tune, queue, you jʊər cure
uː.ər sewer
ʌ strut, mud, dull, gun ʌr borough, hurry
ɜr nurse, word, girl, fern, furry
Reduced vowels
ə Rosa’s, a mission, comma ər letter, perceive
ɨ roses, emission (either ɪ or ə) ən button
ɵ omission (either or ə) əm rhythm
ʉ beautiful, curriculum ([jʉ]) (either ʊ or ə) əl bottle
i happy, serious (either ɪ or ) ᵊ, ⁱ (vowel is frequently dropped: nasturtium)
Stress Syllabification
IPA Examples IPA Examples
ˈ intonation /ˌɪntɵˈneɪʃən/, . moai /ˈmoʊ.aɪ/, Windhoek /ˈvɪnt.hʊk/
Vancouveria /væn.kuːˈvɪəriə/
Mikey /ˈmaɪki/, Myki /ˈmaɪ.kiː/