Interregnum (1987)

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During a brief period in 1987 after the abdication of King Robert II, there was no monarch, and Talossa was declared a Peculiar Republic.

The 1987 interregnum was brought about when a wave of anti-monarchism swept the nation in 1986-7, led by the People United for No King political party and its leader Danihel Laurieir. In hopes of saving the monarchy by enthroning a less irascible sovereign, Robert I had abdicated in favour of a named successor Robert II, but Robert II failed to gain the confidence of the people. As a result, and the PUNK-led government "legislatively decapitated" the King, declaring Talossa to be "The Peculiar Republic of Talossa" on 29 March of 1987.

The Republic floundered, however, and after four months, the nation was calling for a return of the monarchy. Robert I, however, declined the throne, and it was offered to Florence, who accepted, bringing the interregnum to a close with her coronation on 24 August 1987.

Preceded by
Robert II
King of Talossa
March 29th, 1987/VIII - August 24th, 1987/VIII
Succeeded by