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Jack Schneider (Iác Taglhéir) was a citizen of Talossa and of Mussolini province.

He became a Talossan citizen in December of 1987; described by Robert I as a Marxist, Schneider initially was a member of the Progressive Conservatives.


Prime Minister and Päts Vräts

Schneider, then Distain, took over as Seneschal from Tom Buffone on the latter's retirement in July 1989, during the 9th Cosa. A day later, though, Robert I dissolved the Cosa, reportedly tired of the tense political atmosphere. The Progressive Conservatives would split in a mainline wing, initially dubbed the Christian Democratic Party, and the rest of the party controlled by Dave Kuenn and Ron Rosalez, "Davron".

Schneider would retain office during the September 1989 General Election, albeit on a reduced share of the votes, with the mainline PC being renamed Päts Vräts and the PC label in control of Davron. Päts Vräts formed a coalition with the TNP, which was dubbed the "Hitler-Stalin" pact by Støtanneu, after Schneider's supposed Marxist sympathies and von Metairia's notorious nationalism. Schneider was notably in favour of giving Cestours the right to vote, pushing forwards a "Cestour Council" that was later torpedoed when Robert I ended up being the only one to cast a vote in the council elections, winning all seats and voting to disband it.

Uppermost Court Justice and SEIRP

After an acrimonious Living Cosa on December 30th, Schneider dissolved the 10th Cosa and was replaced by Buffone in the run-up to the February 1990 General Election. He later joined the Peculiar Way, then the TNP and finally the Un-Named Party during the 13th Cosa in 1991, when he was also elected to the Uppermost Court.

Schneider went on to found his own SEIRP (Social, Economic and International Responsibility) party for the 14th and 15th Cosas; in the latter, he formed a leftist coalition with his former UNP party, making Tom Buffone Prime Minister in July 1992. Controversially, UNP had not appointed any MCs for the First Clark, and so the Vote of Confidence was lost; but the Uppermost Court ruled as a compromise that votes on bills could stand, but the VoC would be ignored. Justice Schneider, a coalition leader, had voted in the majority, and was thus heavily criticised by PM Buffone.

Schneider would also rule in favour of declaring Peculiarism an "invalid philosophy" and that "Talossa was a real country", as requested by Robert I during the brief secession of Vuode in November 1992.

Later years

After the UNP-SEIRP coalition was defeated at the polls, with Nic Kovac's Minority Party choosing to coalesce with the Progressive Conservatives, Schneider apparently lashed out at the country's leadership in May 1993 and was removed as Justice, replaced by von Metairia. He ultimately left Talossan life on 30 November 1994.


Preceded by
Thomas Buffone
22 July 1989/X - 30 December 1989/X
Succeeded by
Thomas Buffone