Kenwood House

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Kenwood House

Kenwood House has been the traditional residence of the Seneschal of the Kingdom of Talossa since the passage of Talossan statutory law 32RZ18. Before this time, Gay House had been the traditional residence of the Seneschal from the 18th Cosa forward.

The building is an English Tudor mansion located on 3.9 acres on the lake bluff at the end of Kenwood Boulevard, and one block east of the intersection of Lincoln Memorial Drive and Lake Drive. It was built in pre-Talossan days as a wedding present for Mrs. Myron T. MacLaren, and later purchased by the Milwaukee State Teachers College in 1949 for $80,000. It was used as a women's dormitory until July 1964, when it became Kenwood Conference and Alumni Center. The building also housed the Center for Great Lakes Studies (1966 to 1974) and the Office of Continuing Education for Adults (1969 to 1975).

By the kindness of the Prime Ministry, Kenwood House also currently serves as the Alumni House of the University of Talossa (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).